Essence of spirit… 1 Life lessons…


” Battletorn… ”

Spirit churning.. heart yearning.. searching deep inside… Crying.. longing.. yearning.. searching.. for that distant light…

Ego fights.. lonely nights.. bitterness makes for bile…Crushing spirit and the self.. ego now resides…

Still spirit cries it’s lonely cry.. knowing what is right… Like a whisper in the breeze.. in the twilight of the night…

Hardened shell.. filled with thorns.. curled up there inside… True self yearns to break free.. to feel the morning light…

Spirit urges to break free.. so that true self can reside… Smash the shell and crush the thorns… Then the sun will shine….

Jen. xxx (c) Arthouse Wijn-Ton 2011…

” Out of the tiny acorn.. grew the mighty oak… ”

” Out of the ugliness came forth great beauty… ”


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