Essence of spirit.. 2 Acceptance.. allowing…

Breaking the shackles…

Her essence of spirit..whilst there she flies.. soaring and swooping like the birds in the sky… In life’s shadows she lives just to be.. to escape “what is” feel totally free…

Creative magic.. the joy of a song.. the feel of the beauty.. the being at one… Balm on the wounds.. from sadness to joy… Yes she felt privaleged.. the lucky one….

Shattered the shell.. gone are the thorns.. facing the sunshine.. sparkling full force…

“F.E.A.R… For Everything A Reason ”

“If you will call your troubles experiences, and remember
that every experience develops some latent force within
you, you will grow vigorous and happy, however
adverse your circumstances may seem to be.

John R. Miller ”

🙂 xxx

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3 Responses to Essence of spirit.. 2 Acceptance.. allowing…

  1. Lady Jude says:

    Good to see you writing another poem Jennifer, It’s great that you can get lost in your creativity. You’ll probably need to more often now Francine is unwell, it’ll keep you strong and busy…

    • Thankyou Jewelie.. my creativity is what’s got me through this lifepath and all it’s hurdles.. lessons etc and I’m thankful I have gifts in which I can get lost in… I just wish Francine had something like that to help her through this terrible ordeal… xxx

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