Welcome to Arthouse Wijn-Ton…

Welcome to my world… 🙂

About Arthouse Wijn-Ton.

Creative being @ Arthouse Wijn-Ton..
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6 Responses to Welcome to Arthouse Wijn-Ton…

  1. Angelwings6 says:

    The garden looks really lovely Jennifer, all the lovely warm colours…..

  2. Thank you that’s a lovely thing to say and much appreciated… I love gazing at it no matter what the time of year is.. it never fails to relax me and put a smile on my face… 🙂
    Jen. xxx

  3. Hi Jen. Will keep looking in from time to time. I have a very busy six months ahead and am already longing for a break,

    Take care my friend. x

    • Hi Talia.. I’ve been a busy bee myself lately too.. so have empathy with you there… I’ve got my shiatso massage chair now though.. it’s early days yet.. but hopefully it’ll help to relax me and keep the frequency of the headaches from the complex work to a minimum in time… 🙂 Try to make some “you ” time in your busy schedule too.. even if it’s only an hour a day.. it’s good for you to take time out to relax… 🙂 Big hugs!Jen.xxx

  4. Hmmm, Headaches, the curse of the Artist. Hope things improve for you.

    Take care and will look in from time to time.

    • Sure are Talia.. a lifetime of them I’ve had and I never get used to it.. hate them I do… The massage chair is loosening my muscles though.. so here’s hoping… 🙂
      You take care too and don’t forget to take that ” you ” time out in your busy schedule you have… 🙂
      Big hugs!

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