Latest creative endeavours… :-)

I’ve been a busy bee the last few weeks in the garden and am happy with what I’ve done so far out there… 🙂 I’ve done more out there since these pics were taken.. I’ll wait for the next sunny day though after I’ve scrubbed up the existing pathways out there… 🙂


On the music front… What does one do with one’s self when the internet goes down and it’s wet and windy outside… 🙂 Why sing some songs of course hehehe… 🙂 Below I’ve captured two songs I wrote in 2008…

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2 Responses to Latest creative endeavours… :-)

  1. Angelwings6 says:

    The garden paths look great Jennifer, you’ve done a great job…. Couldn’t get the video’s to load, I’ll try another day perhaps, Have a lovely Easter…

    • Thank you for the lovely comment.. it’s much appreciated… 🙂 I’ve done a far bit recently out there and the difference shows now… I hope you manage to load up the songs.. I think you’ll like ” Shining like the sun…” Hope you have a lovely easter too… 🙂 Big hugs.

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