” Shining like the sun… ” New watercolour painting… (c.) Arthouse wijn-Ton 2012…

I’ve just completed my watercolour titled ” Shining like the sun… ”
I noted after a recent conversation.. that when I do some of my ” darker ” colour paintings.. some may be under the misconception that I’m a ” tortured soul “… I’m far from it… 🙂 In my creative realm as in daily life in general.. I’m a happy positive person who strives to achieve the most out of each day I’m blessed to be on this earth realm… The positive effect of past life experiences is.. I can buzz off the tiniest of things and that makes for a great life.. albeit in my small world… 😀
This painting reflects my sunny outlook on life.. hence the title… 🙂
Have a magical day/eve everyone… 🙂

Sparkling and glowing with mysterious light,

a magical, fairylike creature, seemingly of another world,

A presence and conduit of pure divine white light energy.

With enchantantment in her soul,

came forth a deep spiritual understanding,

Magical and whimsical,

a highly charged spiritual and healing conduit of energy.

Mystical trances magical dances,

yes whilst there in flights of fancy,

Voice singing softly such a hypnotic sound,

whimsical magic is now abound,

Enchantment resides, there beauty shines,

ever so brightly in the realm of her dreams ….

About Arthouse Wijn-Ton.

Creative being @ Arthouse Wijn-Ton..
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2 Responses to ” Shining like the sun… ” New watercolour painting… (c.) Arthouse wijn-Ton 2012…

  1. Angelwings6 says:

    Lovely Jennifer, I’ve always noticed that you use similar colours in most of your artworks. I know so many who do this I use a lot of blue’s and green’s in mine… You love that particular shade of blue and orange, I can tell you’re just doing what you love doing and using the colours that you yourself love… Stay creative my friend…
    Hugs Jude

    • Yeh I do tend to use the same colours on the whole.. although I have used different colours on occasion in the past… Thank you for the feedback it’s much appreciated… 🙂 I’m going to paint some more of the trees in the living room today… It’s a long process as you’re aware.. so it’s something I skip to and from amongst the other creative endeavours I’m working on in here… Hope you stay creative too.. big hugs! Jen.xxx

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