Update on creative endeavours…

My apologies for my lack of updates.. visits to friends spaces etc… Family stuff and life events leave very little time for me of late… That aside.. where possible I’ve been full throttle on creative endeavours.. working and elaborating around the fireplace area mainly…
I’ve changed and elaborated the paintings and painted the central sculpted tree dragon in the top center of the fireplace… I still have part of one hand to finish.. but it looks fab and I’m buzzing with the results… 😀
I’ve added more leaves too for balance on the right side around the central painting… I have leaves and flowers to do yet and am still putting the first coat of white oil paint on where the trees are finished…
I plan to add an irridescant white.. with copper gold and silver highlights over the white base… I tried the effect next to the tree dragon and it works… 😀
I’ve decided at this point not to post pictures of the room and am keeping it under wraps for a while.. as I want the full visual impact to be seen… The full room will be one scene going around all the walls.. tying existing paintings in etc… The ceiling will be getting a new sky too.. all done in oils like the fireplace wall… 😀
I’ve put a little taster of what’s to come below.. it’s the same Jackal Buzzard.. but with a new background.. more in keeping with the new painting in the central fireplace… 😀 I’ve also added a picture I’ve taken this morning of the back garden.. as it looked so beautiful when I came downstairs… 🙂
I’ve been working on this particular room now for nearly 6 years along with the other creative endeavours and it’s delightful to actually see parts coming to completion… It makes all the processes and time taken more than worthwhile…
I will get around to everyone’s spaces as soon as I’m able.. I do get all your upates in my mailbox and enjoy reading all of your posts… I would like to thank you all for sharing your creativity with me.. it’s very much appreciated… 😀
Right best shift myself.. lots to do as per… 🙂
Have a magical day/eve

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4 Responses to Update on creative endeavours…

  1. Love what you have done especially to the “Jackel”.

  2. hrhdaf says:

    Well arent you the mysterious one. Cant wait to see the unveiling!
    Fabulous artwork as always and the garden is looking gorgeous. Love the rays of sunlight coming down on the photo!
    Read the blog below too, very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.
    Hope your having a great Saturday (although knowing you itll end with a few bevvies and a bit of guitar playing so its more than likely ;O)
    Hugs Daf xxx

    • Thank you Daf.. much appreciated… 🙂 I’m starting the living room floor next methinks.. I have a great idea for it… 🙂 No bevvying for me at the mo I’m affraid.. I’m on antibiotics… I’m sure I’ll make up for it though… 😛
      Big hugs!

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