Update on creative endeavours etc… :-)

Having had more than a wee dram last night.. I’m not fit for much this morning.. so thought I’d have a waffle here and fill you’s in about my progress on the creative front etc… I’ve been elsewhere a lot of the time.. turning my hand to wallpapering etc.. something I’ve not done for years… I’ve finished one room at one place and I’m now half way through the next room at another place… 🙂 It Keeps family happy and then leaves me a free run for a while on this place… 🙂
I’ve emptied the living room now and taken the laminate up… My son cut the arms of the existing sofa in here.. that’s now upstairs in the front room… We’ll use it as a temporary living room while I lay the new floor in here and paint the rest of the room.. as it’ll take a while to do…
I’m stripping the old wallaper off the rest of the walls at the moment.. then I can get the walls ready for the oils to go on… 😀 Oooeeer I’m sooo exited at the thought of how it’s all going to look when completed… 😀
Right I best motor myself up.. the gardens both need doing.. groan.. will I manage it.. methinks not somehow.. brandy blood springs to mind… 😛 Maybe a hair of the dog later might motivate.. mmmm 😛 Lush of the dance and p**s artist spring to mind there… 😛 I think I shall just float about and see what the day brings.. yeh that sounds about right.. a floater day… 😉
Have fun ‘cos I will be… 🙂

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6 Responses to Update on creative endeavours etc… :-)

  1. Angelwings6 says:

    I can see that you have been a busy bee…. I’d love to come visit one day…

  2. House and yard are looking great. I can see that you are nearly done???? Never right?

    • Hahaha.. you have me sussed Eddie… I’ve made loads more work for myself as per… :-/ All in the name of creativity though eh.. that’s my exuse… 😀 I’m out in the back garden today pruning hedges… Both gardens were looking prety overgrown with all the recent rain and me not being around as much… I’m nearly there now though and should be able to enjoy a bit of the afternoon sun with the gardens all nice and tidy… 😀 I hope the sun’s shining for you too… :-)xxx

  3. hrhdaf says:

    Gardening with a hangover? Gaaaaa! Done that myself the odd occasion and its no fun. Id definitely stick to floating and yeah possibly hair of the dog. Ya know I cant wait to see this completely finished. You should take a video so we can see round the rooms and stuff. I know… Im sooo nosey!
    Hope your hangover cleared and you had a good day!
    Hugs Daf xxx

    • Gardens are now done and had a few hairs of the dog since then Daf… 😛 I’ll defo be getting films of this place at some point.. I just want to get it all to a certain point fiirst… 🙂
      Right best crack on.. got a floor to lay here… 😉
      Hope you’ve had a fun weekend… 🙂

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