Update on creative endeavours etc… :-)

I’ve had a busy week on the creative front this week.. I love it when I start a new project and the living room floor is a first for me.. always having had traditional floorcovering in the past… I did the bathroom floor in here a while back.. so I have done a small interior floor before and feel confident it’s going to be more in keeping with the rest of the room… 🙂

I thought I’d give you’s a sneak preview with the pic above into the way it comes from my mind… Most of it isn’t bedded in yet.. if you look closely.. you’ll se only the right hand corner is actually bedded in… I do a layout of a section first aand spend loads of time trying diffrent things out.. then tweeking it all until I’m hapyy with the result.. then I lift it bit by bit and bed it in… You’ll also notice the beginning of a drawing there.. I”ll not elaborate at this point in time what I’m drawing there.. all will be revealed in time… 😀

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4 Responses to Update on creative endeavours etc… :-)

  1. Angelwings6 says:

    I can visualise what you’re doing now, it will flow very nicely from the outdoors to the indoors.. Just hope it doesn’t cause you to trip up with the uneven surface… Good luck with it…

    • Thank you for the comment.. much appreciated… 🙂 The floor will be level.. not like the outside floors… The part that’s bedded in is to flow the fireplace hearth into the floor and if you look closely you’ll see it’s also flat.. the rest hasn’t been bedded in yet.. nor has the front line of marble tiles.. maybe that’s what gave you the impression that it was an uneven surface… 🙂 I doubt any will be getting done today though.. that martell was winking at me agaiin.. so decided to partake of a wee dram last night.. glad I did too as my lad went to a party and brought it back here with him… :-Pxxx

  2. What can I add? Your work continues to amazes! You are a dedicated individual Jen.

    • Thank you Eddie.. much appreciated… 🙂 I love being lost in my creative realm.. it invigorates and exites me.. it’s so magical and I’m so blessed to have my gifts… I hope life’s treating you and yours well…xxx

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