New watercolour painting… ” Subliminal sunset… “

I’ve just completed my latest watercolour.. ” subliminal Sunset “… Another one to add to my growing collecton… 🙂
I’m just watimng for it to dry through properly before removing it from the board.. along with the last two I did… I can then stretch some more paper as I feel another one coming through… 🙂

Have a magicaal day/eve… 🙂

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5 Responses to New watercolour painting… ” Subliminal sunset… “

  1. Angelwings6 says:

    It’s lovely Jennifer. I never learned to paint with water colour, only ever used acrylics and oils…..

    • Thankyou.. I appreciate it… :–) You should try them, they work a bt like ols I find.. the way I use them anyway.. I like to layer my paintings, for a rich finish.. you can lift and shade the layer of paint long as you don’t work t too much… 🙂

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  3. this is beautiful work Jennifer…

    • Thank you Eddie.. much appreciated… 🙂 I’m half way through another one.. I was hoping for it to be finished by now.. I’ve trapped a nerve and somehow pulled the muscle whilst doing it.. so I’ve been out of actiion… I’m going to try and fiinish it today though… 🙂 xxx

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