Magical morning… :-)

I’ve been outside in the back garden since dawn… I love it out there.. it looked particularly appealing this morning with the autunm colours and clear skies… Below is a little film I made.. capturing the blissful time I have out there..  when people  are mainly tucked up in  their beds.. either hungover or glad of a lie in after a busy week… 🙂

Me.. I love to take my guitar outside and play music.. weather permitting… I either play along to chillout  tunes or practice my own tunes… In the film I’m playing the instrumental to ” The magic…” Seemed fitting to capture it.. along with the hub of traffic and planes overhead abeit.. but taking nothing from the stllness of mind I achieve by indulging in magical moments… Hence I called the film.. ” Mana Ki Santi… ” relating to how I felt  when I was doing the last watercolour… On that note.. exuse the pun… 🙂 I have another watercolour near completion and will post a pic as soon as it’s finished… 🙂

I intend to be very busy outside in the near future.. I want to build a workshop in my back garden.. my kind of workshop/outbuilding… I can do sculptures and ceramics in there.. maybe a bit of woodcarving etc… 😀 It’s going to be arty of course… wouldn’t be fitting otherwise… I’ve designated the area for it.. where the table and tall bar stools are now… I aim to achieve a hobbit like structure.. Goudi eat your heart  out.. here’s a taste of what’s to come hehehe.. call it a  3d model structure  I have planned.. the ideas are flowing and what a perfect way to try them out… 😀 Ooeer I’m soo exited.. I love having loads of projects on the go… 🙂 Right I’m off outside again.. the front  garden this time… leaves need sweeping etc… Have a magical day/eve

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4 Responses to Magical morning… :-)

  1. Angelwings6 says:

    You’ve been very quiet lately. thought you’d be busy on some project, Guess my intuition was spot on……

    • I’ve not been around much really.. family stuff.. but you were right… I’ve just managed to finish my latest watercolour.. just got a couple of tweeks to make and then I can fix it and take a pic tmoz.. 🙂

  2. hrhdaf says:

    Very soothing. And I liked that you had a birdy singing along with you! Looking forward to seeing what you do with your workshop cos you never have anything ordinary in your garden do you? :O)
    Must admit Im one of the ones often nursing a hangover on a Sunday morning, but during the summer I do looooove to catch the sunrise!
    Hope your having a fab day!
    Hugs Daf xxx

    • Thank you Daf.. much appreciated… I’m itching to get started on my workshop amongst other stuff… I’ve had plenty of hangovers too.. just not always on a Sunday… 😛 Hope you’ve had a fab day too… 🙂

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