New watercolour… ” Binā śarta pyāra… ” :-) (c) Arthouse Wijn-Ton 2012…

I’ve just completed my latest watercolour.. ” Binā śarta pyāra… ” This is a Hindu term meaning.. ” Unconditional Love… ” Another one to add to my growing collection… 🙂
I have an idea for my next painting..but I have to get more paints again.. both oil paints and watercolours.. they don’t last long in here… 🙂
Have a magical day/eve
Jen. xxx

” Binā śarta pyāra… ”
” Yahāṁ taka ki sthānōṁ kē andhērī mēṁ.. Jahāṁ prakāśa shone hai kēvala prakāśa hō sakatā hai… ”

” Unconditional love…”
” Even in the darkest of places.. where light is shone there can only be light… ”

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