Update on creative endeavours etc… :-)

Below are some pics I took on my birthday.. I had a wonderful blissout day.. I was full of appreciation for the lovely birthday wishes etc… 🙂 The sun was out and I started the day with a wander outside… It was freezing.. but magical… I came back inside and sparked up the fire and candles and spent the rest of the day and evening.. self indulging.. playing guitar with my son and in a totally relaxed state of being … 🙂

I didn’t have a wee dram that day.. I was tired from doing the latest section of floor.. I finished the day before a lot later than I anticipated… 🙂 I made up for it the next day though.. got just a bit sozzled… Well a girl has to have a wee dram now and again… 😛
Music room... Music room...Fireplace...Music room.. 02/12/2012

Below are some pics of the latest section of floor completed.. barring painting in the edging on the central ceramic I’ve bedded in there. I’ll seal the glass in once it’s painted and dry… 🙂 The ceramic is called “Rebirth “.. the title speaking for itself… 🙂


I’ve not had the chance to do any more of my latest watercolour yet.. family stuff and suchlike has come up… But I will post pics when I have the chance to complete it… 🙂 Right I’m off to have a messaround on the guitar… 🙂

Have a magical day/eve… 🙂


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5 Responses to Update on creative endeavours etc… :-)

  1. a very happy belated birthday to you Jennifer. sounds like you did exactly what you wanted. perfect!
    love, Eddie

  2. hrhdaf says:

    Hey Sparkly Lady!
    The house is looking wonderful! Itll make a perfect Christmas wonderland.
    Just having a quick dash round to wish you a brilliant Christmas!
    Big Hugs Daf xxx

    • Thank you Daf.. much appreciated.. hope you have a magical xmas too.. big hugs! xxx

    • Sos for the late reply Daf. what with famiy stuff going on etc.. I’ve just not been able… Hope you had a magical christmas and new year… I’ll bob over at some point today to your space.. love the pic of you in your latest post btw and looking forward to reading your latest ramblings. 😀
      Big hugs!

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