Update on creative endeavours… :-)

I hope everyone’s had a lovely christmas and is looking forward to the new year… 🙂 I’ve not done much on the creative front… it being the aforementioned… I also have family stuff going on and family always come first… 🙂

Below is a pic of my latest find.. in my favourite shop.. B&Q… They’re L.E.D. spotlights that change colour.. they’re beautiful and so fitting with the place… The best is.. they use 90% less electricity and last for up to 15 years… 😀 I’ll definately be getting more.. they even have them along with a remote control and you can choose what colour you want.. depending on mood etc… 🙂

I’ve resumed work on my latest watercolour and am liking the way it’s going. The layering technique I use really adds vibrancy to the medium… It’ll probably look different again as it grows.. I’ve changed things in the background already as I’ve progressed.. overlaying onto the blue sky I’d already put there.. so it would flow with the firehorse… You’ll probably note the firehorse has claws.. not hooves… I’ll elaborate as to why when I’ve completed it… 🙂

I’ve also made a start the landing floor and stairs… I had an idea involving pieces of carpet and tiles etc… I’ll take pics when I’ve done some more of it… I’m going to give the hall.. stairs and landing a quick revamp too as it’s looking much in need of redecoration and I fancy a muted classy look there now… Once it’s complete.. I can get all my watercolours framed and hung up out there… 🙂

Right best crack on.. lots to do as per… Have a magical day/eve everyone… 🙂




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3 Responses to Update on creative endeavours… :-)

  1. Have a happy, healthy, peaceful, and beautiful New year’s Jennifer,
    love, Eddie

    • My apologies for my late reply Eddie.. I had muscle spasms in my neck… I feel happy and at peace today… I also have answers to aforementiond problem etc.. so full health will follow soon .. -D I watched a stunning sunrise and am about to continue work on my firehorse painting… I hope you have a magical year and may all your dreams and wishes ome true..! Big hugs!
      Jen. xxx 🙂

  2. I will surely foreward this post to all of my pals! Its very first-rate and a very decent read!

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