Firehorse… ( In progression… )

I’ve resumed work on my lastest watercolour.. family stuff etc.. meant it had to go on the backburner for a short while again… Hopefully now I can refocus on creative endeavours.. I have plenty to do on that front… 🙂 I thought I’d give another peep into the progression of this latest painting… I’ve added more layers again for a deeper vibrant image.. I’ve also started to line in the edges in an indian red to bring about a sharper finish.. ( not possible to capture with a mobile phone camera… )

Right best crack on.. think I might build a fire later.. light the candles and maybe have a wee dram… A girl has to have fun too eh… 😛

Have a magical day/eve… 🙂

Jen. xxx

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4 Responses to Firehorse… ( In progression… )

  1. pendantry says:

    It’s looking good! 🙂

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