New watercolour.. Tân Ceffyl Gwehwyfar… :-) (c) Arthouse Wijn-Ton 2013

Below are pics of my latest watercolour.. ” Tân Ceffyl Gwehwyfar… ” As I’ve mentioned in a previous post.. the painting is a visual representation of my persona… The title is a Welsh translation of ” Fire horse Jennifer… ” My mum was born and raised in Wales.. so I used this translation to honour my mum’s birthplace.. after all she created me… 😀 ( Poor woman..! 😉 Hehehe… ) It seemed a fitting title for this particular visual representation… 🙂

In chinese astrology.. I was born in the year of the firehorse.. which comes about once every 60 years… From what I can remember.. my fellow artist Wayne told me years back.. that in chinese folklore.. a firehorse child would either bring total success or total disaster to a family and many children were left to die.. the families fearing the latter… Now don’t swear me to this.. as it was years ago I was told this and may not be accurate… 🙂

Probably when you see the pics.. you’ll be wondering why this particular firehorse has talons and not hooves.. my answer to this..? The firehorse would find it difficult to land on hooves especially on rough terrain… How this relates to me..? To learn life lessons I’ve had to land in and get through some very rough terrains.. also being a mother of two and a light warrior.. the talons come out to protect me and mine when warranted… Note the wings are a bit tattered.. this represents challenging times on my lifepath journey.. where my wings were broken.. but still they work just fine and still I soar like the bird when in my creative realm… The vivid bright colours and background also convey this fact and also my positive bright outlook on life situations in general… 🙂

The cartoony effect used on the firehorse represent my inner child… ( I’ve still not grown up hehehe… 😀 ) The red eye.. well I’ll leave that one open to interpretation.. but anyone who knows me will get that one… 😉  The birdlike legs..? Well people called me sparrow legs when I was a child because I was skinny and little… ( gave me a complex at the time.. 😦  but I came to realise that beauty comes from within and that’s what counts…  ) Finally the firehorse seems to be just floating along.. conveying the fact.. that where possible.. I love to float free and just ” be “… Obviously there’s far more to my persona but that about sums it up here for this particular visual representation… 🙂

Right I’m off to slob and have a messabout on the guitar..have a magical day/ eve… 🙂

Jen. xxx
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7 Responses to New watercolour.. Tân Ceffyl Gwehwyfar… :-) (c) Arthouse Wijn-Ton 2013

  1. Enjoyed viewing your art and reading the expaination behind it. Appreciate learning more about Jennifer. Enjoy your week. love, Eddie

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Jen
    Just wanted to say hi and hope you are well. Love the fire horse. As I do all your stuff. Hope we can all meet up again this year some time
    Take care and have fun

    • Hi Mike, 🙂
      I’m in fine fettle thankyou… Thankyou too for the lovely comment.. much apperciated… 🙂
      It’d be great to all meet up again.. it’s been a while hasn’t it… I’ve certainly been having fun this weekend doing another watercolour.. playing guitar and serenading the cats hehehe… 😀 Not sure if I like the watercolour yet.. but I’ll crack on with it and see how it turns out… 🙂
      You take care too and hope you have a lovely evening… 🙂
      Jen. xxx

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