Update on creative endeavours… 17/02/2013

Spring is just around the corner.. ooeer can’t wait..!  All the bulbs are peeping and the buds are on the trees…  🙂 When I got up today.. the sun was out and it didn’t look too cold out there.. so I decided to go and dig out some more of the foundation for the workshop… I’ve been having problems with my right leg and hips.. so I reckoned a bit of digging will only help.. as it’s weight bearing work… I had to wrap up as my right foot keeps going numb if the cold get’s to it.. I’ve got Reynauds syndrome apparently and the doc’s put me on tablets to help this as they can’t find a cause for it… I reckon it’s injury related… Anyway the tablets seemed to have improved it to the point I could actually get out there… 🙂 It was a slow start and fooking hurt.. but I worked on and overode the pain and got another section dug out… It was wonderful being out there again.. I really enjoyed myself and stayed out there until it was dark… I may be hobbling when I walk.. but I can stll dig.. albeit not as fast yet and that’s buzzed  me up no end… 😀  As  the saying goes.. ” If you don’t use it.. you lose it… ” I don’t intend for that to happen.. so will continue and hopefully reverse the problem I’ve been having… At least I’m aching for a good reason now… 😀

Right best go and clean myself up.. I’m full of mud.. but a damn sight happier than I was before going out there… Hopefully it’ll be dry again tomorow and I can get back out there.. happy days are here again… I just luuurrve being out in my gardens…


Have a magical day/eve


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4 Responses to Update on creative endeavours… 17/02/2013

  1. Angelwings6 says:

    A little bit of exercise is good, but don’t go over doing it Jennifer.. You’ll need a good soak in the bath to try and get all the aches and pains out tomorrow.. I should be having my surgery in the next ten days, so if I go quiet for a while, you know why…

  2. do take care yourself Jennifer; you are the best one qualified to do that
    with love, Eddie

    • I will Eddie.. thank you for caring.. it’s much appreciated… I’ve been out there again from early this morning and got a fair bit done… I’m achy but feel wonderful for being outside again… The outdoor work is my favourite pastime wihout a doubt… 🙂
      Have a magical day.. big hugs..!

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