Update on creative endeavours… 18/03/2013

I’ve not had much time to work on my latest watercolour.. I’ve been sorting mums gardens out. plus other family stuff… I’m not quite happy with the unicorn at the moment.. my own fault.. couldn’t leave it alone last night dispite 16 hours work on it… I’ll pull it back today hopefully… :/ Below is a pic of my collection of watercolours so far.. five have gone to various people.. so there’s four left from last years paintings… Two I’ve done this year and the one in progression… I like to get them out sometimes and put them together… I was thinking of all the paintings.. both watercolour and oil paintings etc.. that are no longer here… It’s a hell of a lot… Mum and dad’s house are full of them for starters… It’s been a journey.. that’s for sure… 🙂
Sad part is.. I have no good shots of most of them and will never see them all together under one roof… What I do have though.. is all the appreciation from the folk they have gone to over the years.. this spurred me one in dark times and kept the hope and self belief alive.. that one day I’d achieve my dreams… On that front.. well.. an adventure is looming now.. things are finally moving on that front… What will come.. I’m not sure yet.. but I’m raring to go.. if not a bit daunted and feared of the unknown… There’s also exitement too and new challenges ahead… 🙂
Right best I go and sort that unicorn out..the sun’s out and it’s a beautiful day… 🙂

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2 Responses to Update on creative endeavours… 18/03/2013

  1. Angelwings6 says:

    Looks like someone’s been very busy indeed, they all look great Jennifer. The weathers been getting a bit cooler here tonight and I’m off to bed soon. You’ve inspired to start up and finish mine, I’d put that on the back burner since my surgery….

    • Thank you… 🙂 Yes I’ve been a busy bee when able.. I’ve managed to pull back the unicorn.. the painting’s looking good now… I reckon one more days work and it’ll be finished… Glad it’s inspired you to do yours again too and hope that you’re recovering well from your surgery… 🙂

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