New watercolour.. ” Wild wind ” (c) Arthouse Wijn-Ton 2013… :-)

Below is a picture of my latest watercolour ” Wild wind “… I finished it this morning… 🙂
I’ve been out in the back garden since.. putting the foundation etc in for the plynth that’ll hold Wayne’s 9 foot ” Shakti ” sculpture… I’ve had it tied to the fence since it arrived.. so I thought it was about time it was bedded in… I’ve sunk 3 foot metal bars into the ground that the base can be welded to… I’ve also built up around the back of the bars to just below the height of them.. so the sculpture can sit on it whilst the bars are welded into place from the front… I can fill it in after with concrete and that’ll hold the sculpture firmly in place… 🙂
Right I’m off to slob for the rest of the evening.. maybe have a messabout on my guitar… 🙂
Have a magical day/eve… 🙂
Jen. xxx

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8 Responses to New watercolour.. ” Wild wind ” (c) Arthouse Wijn-Ton 2013… :-)

  1. pendantry says:

    That’s a great piece, Jen. Your enthusiasm and boundless energy are astonishing!

  2. A great piece of work, has so much in it and really captures the wild winds of the universe

  3. Angelwings6 says:

    This one is my favourite so far, love the unicorn and the colours you’ve used…

    • Thank you Jude.. much appreciated… It’s my favourite watercolour so far out of all my recent ones too… I’m planning on starting another one today.. all being well.. I have a few ideas floating about for the next one… 🙂

  4. It’s finished! and it’s spectacular Jen! upright and upstanding this one captures the eye, the moment, and the imagination.
    can see why you would want to “slob” after all the work you do
    love, Eddie

    • Thank you Eddie. that’s such a lovely thing to say and very much appreciated… 🙂 I’ve been slobbing since… I had a constant stream of visitors yesterday… 🙂
      I also had a wee dram last night.. so I don’t think much will get done today either… 🙂

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