Update on creative endeavours… 12/07/2013…

My apologies for recent lack of updates.. I’ve been a busy bee doing maintenance jobs on the house and gardens… I’ve recently started revamping the front garden and the first tree I built in the hallway… The last few years I’ve focused on the living room and back garden and the rest of the place suffered somewhat… I feel now that both the back garden and living room are now at a point where I can redirect my focus towards the entrances etc again… 🙂
I’ve stripped all the paper out of the living room and it now has a white base coat on the walls and trees.. ready for the next stage.. I’ve yet to put a base paint on the ceiling though… The bathroom’s had a quick spruce up.. I’ll paint a quick scene in there at some point… I want to get a base coat on the landing and back bedroom first.. let’s call it ” new blank canvasses ” to paint… 🙂 I’ve had a rethink on the floors on the hallway and landing.. also the stairs… I tried an idea with carpet involved.. but it wasn’t to my liking.. so got ripped up… I’m going to finish the revamp on the tree first and flow it all from that… 🙂
The weather’s been beautiful here recently and I’ve taken full advantage where the front garden is concerned… I’m not taking pictures yet.. as the floors need scrubbing.. it needs some replanting and gates and panels need painting etc…As well as all the prior.. I have mum’s gardens to do.. what with family stuff etc… It leaves one enough time and energy to literally drop in the pit at the end of each day… 🙂
Right best crack on.. lots to do in the front garden and beautiful sunshine to work in too.. happy days… 🙂 Below are a couple of images of the back garden I captured the other morning.. it’s so magical in the sun.. makes for blissful feelings inside for sure… 🙂
Have a beautiful day/eve
Back garden..


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2 Responses to Update on creative endeavours… 12/07/2013…

  1. don’t you worry about a thing….Eddie

    • Thank you Eddie… 🙂 We’ve been really lucky to have lots of sunshine recently.. so I’ve got a fair bit done in both mine and mum’s gardens since writing the last update… All are looking pretty shipshape now.. although jobs still need doing… I hope life is treating you and yours well.. big hugs..! Jen. xxx

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