Update on creative endeavours… 26/07/2013…

It’s another beautiful day here.. I’ll be spending it out in the garden painting methinks… 🙂
Below are a few pics of what will be my next watercolour.. ” Lady of the dance… ” I’ve really enjoyed drawing this one out.. it popped into my mind out of nowhere… I love it when that happens.. because as a rule.. they’re the ones that turn out the best… 🙂
Mum commented on the lack of clothing.. but the body is a beautiful form.. I also wanted to portray my free spirit and the mysticism.. sensuality and beauty of one of my favourite pastimes.. my love of music and dancing… This is when my feminine side really shows herself… 🙂
Recently this has proved quite painful for me.. due to a hip and leg injury that has malingered.. not that it stops me.. like anything else I love doing.. it over rides pain to a large degree… ( A wee dram certainly helps on the dancing front… P ) My spirit literally takes over my form and my mind goes to another place of magic and beauty… 🙂
Photo1142 Photo1133 Photo1132 Photo1141
Right best crack on.. I’m going to enjoy painting this one.. not done one for a little while now… 🙂
Have a magical day/eve

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2 Responses to Update on creative endeavours… 26/07/2013…

  1. pain like pleasure stimulates as witnessed in your work. enjoy your days, Eddie

    • I have had to over ride pain physical and spiritually from a tender age Eddie… My mum would say to me ” you have the pain anyway.. to do something occupies your being and keeps your body moving.. allowing quicker healing to take place… ”
      I learned that to do something constructive takes the minds focus away from pain… A greater sense of achievement is gained too.. as I’ve experienced time and time again with my creative endeavours…. ” 🙂
      You have an enjoyable day too my friend… 🙂

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