Update on creative endeavours… 13/10/2013…

I’ve had a few breaks from the creativity in the last month.. just relaxing and self indulging a tad more… 🙂 I ran out of a few of the oils for the ceiling.. so will have to bob into town again for more… I have just over a square metre to finish.. typical eh… :/ I’ve gone back on the ” Lady of the dance ” watercolour and it’s coming along nicely methinks… 🙂
I’ve also restructured a song I originally wrote in 2007 ” A little song for you. ” I liked the song back then.. but many of the words didn’t seem apt anymore.. so I changed them… I’ve also got a slightly better tempo to go with it.. I just need to practice the new version.. as I keep slipping back to the old tempo when I start singing… :/ I’ll capture it as soon as I have it flowing… 🙂
Right best crack on.. a bit of song practice methinks.. then I’ll continue on my watercolour… 🙂
Have a magical day/eve
Jen. xxx 🙂

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2 Responses to Update on creative endeavours… 13/10/2013…

  1. She’s a lovely lady! sensual, mysteries, magical; a beautiful woman!
    This is an amazing work Jen. Patience pays with this one; she is lovely!
    enjoy a most beautiful week dear friend, Eddie

    • Wow Eddie what a beautiful comment..! I’m really touched and thank you my friend.. it’s very much appreciated… 😀 I’ve really enjoyed doing this particular watercolour… It’s really flowed well for me after the initial hiccup where I nearly ruined it… I’ve noticed my watercolours are veering towards the surreal entwined with the ” real ” again.. especially with this latest painting.. like many of my other more complex works undertaken in the past… 🙂 What I’m loving with this particular one.. is this complexity flowing in the small area.. rather than a small part of a big work that takes years to complete… I can achieve a completion much sooner.. with the same pleasing overall effect as the bigger works undertaken in the past and still on going at present… 😀 I hope you also have a beautiful.. magical week Eddie… 🙂 Big hugs! Jen. XXX 😀

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