Update on creative endeavours… 19/10/2013

I’m still working on the ” Lady of the dance ” watercolour when possible… I’ve now added another elaboration to it… I came across the image of an Ouroboros whilst on here early yesterday morning… I thought the meaning of the Ouroboros seemed apt.. so I decided to draw my own version of it into the painting… 🙂
I read that the Ouroboros is the ultimate symbol of renewal.. creativity and endless change… I felt this reflected my persona and lifepath journey and I had the perfect place in the painting to put it in there… 🙂 I had to remove the title I’d drawn in.. the lettering wasn’t flowing once I added the Ouroboros to the painting…
I looked up some more info about the Ouroboros.. the link’s are below…
Below is a picture of my version and where I’ve placed it in the watercolour… 🙂
I placed a pound coin on the picture.. so you have an idea as to the size of the drawing… 🙂
I need to buy a really fine brush now to fill it in.. the fine brushes I have are already flayed at the ends.. like everything else related to my creativity.. they don’t last long with me… 🙂
Have a magical day/eve… 🙂
Jen. XXX

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4 Responses to Update on creative endeavours… 19/10/2013

  1. an exciting addition to all your amazing work Jen!

  2. hrhdaf says:

    Hey Sparkles!
    I just can’t wait to see this completed. It’s blummin gorgeous!!!
    It’s hard to believe that’s water colour cos it’s so vibrant! I love the inclusion of the dragon (yours is so much prettier than the one on the link on wiki) and obviously the coin gives it scale but I was wondering how big the whole picture is?
    Hope you manage to get yourself some new brushes (you reeeeeeally need to look after em sparkly lady 😉 Although I can talk… the best paint brush I had is now solid as a rock cos I used it to PVA glue something and didn’t clean it after)
    Have a great day!
    Hugs Daf xxx

    • Aww thank you Daf.. that’s lovely of you to say… 🙂 Yeh I use watercolours a bit differently to the norm.. I layer the colours to get the vibrancy.. I prefer vibrant colours in comparison to wishy washy colours… I’m skipping between doing the paining and doing more plasterwork on the hallway tree at the moment… 🙂 I’ve still not got new brushes.. I also need to get more oil paints and now bigger paintbrushes too.. I have around a square metre of the living room ceiling left to do and yeh them brushes as well as the paint left on the palettes are now rock solid… :/ I MEAN to clean them honest I do.. but mind meanders off to other projects and there they lie… :/ Must be an artists thing eh.. I don’t buy expensive brushes any more and use improvised palettes.. usually lids off containers.. so I don’t feel quite as guilty now… 🙂 I will be getting a couple of quality fine brushes to do the detail in this painting though.. the cheap ones flay at the ends really quickly.. which is quite frustrating as I’ve recently found out… The great thing about watercolour is the brushes can always be cleaned easily.. even if they’ve been left awhile.. it’s a perfect medium for the likes of us Daf… 😀 Oh loved that video of the dog you put in your post.. I was chuckling.. so funny..! 😀 I sorely need to get to a live gig too.. the one you went to sounded fab.. it’s been a while now since I did that… Dreadzone are playing in mid December in Manchester. they’re one of my favourite groups.. I might have a bit of that yeh… They’re fab live.. I have a feeling you’d like them.. their gigs are always rocking.. a great atmosphere… 😀 Hope you’ve had a great weekend Daf… 😀 Jen. XXX

      > Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2013 13:34:53 +0000 > To: powerofwow@live.co.uk >

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