Update on creative endeavours… 28/10/2013

As I probably mentioned on my previous post.. I’m running short of quite a few materials and I haven’t had a chance to get in town yet to stock up again… Sooo I thought I’d do a bit more on the revamp of the hallway tree… I much prefer the new look.. albeit the metallic effect did look lovely.. it was too dark for my liking… I’ve also honed my skills on the plasterwork sculpting.. so will be applying these skills to the tree… The pictures below don’t really do it justice… I’ve got up to about chest height of the revamp and it looks so much more pleasing to the eye methinks… I can’t wait to repaint too.. there’s no point until the tree’s done though and I’ve still got a fair bit to do on it… I may put base coats on the walls and ceiling in the meantime though just to tidy it up for now… 🙂
I’m still not happy with the flow of my song.. ” A little song for you ” I keep trying different tempo’s and structures.. but still haven’t decided on the finished song.. I will capture it as soon as I feel happy with it… 🙂
I’ve been practicing my other songs too.. the ones I remember anyway… I tend to capture them.. but then I forget to practice them… The result.. some of my earlier songs I’ve actually forgotten the chords to them.. not great but I’m sure I’ll figure them out again seems I wrote them in the first place… If I don’t then I’ll have to find new tunes to go with the words and harmonies.. it’s not like I’m a maestro on the guitar anyway.. it just adds background noise to what I’m singing… 🙂
Right best crack on.. lots to do as per… 🙂
Have a magical day/eve
Jen.XXX 😀

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4 Responses to Update on creative endeavours… 28/10/2013

  1. hrhdaf says:

    Heeeeey Sparkles!
    It’s coming along great isn’t it. Ya know I feel like I pretty much leave you the same comment every time. Cos all I ever seem to say is… yeah I love what you’re doing, but the thing is it’s true. There’s just a fab element of fantasy to your work, plus I like to see if I can find anything in it, cos you can see faces and dragons and things. You’re just so talented (and I’m sooo jealous). Now get your butt to the shops and get some brushes to finish that painting cos i wanna see it done 😉
    Hugs Daf xxx

    • Hi Daf, Your feedback’s always welcome here and very much appreciated… 🙂 I’ve still not got my brushes etc.. I will soon though.. I’ve just had other stuff to sort out first… I’ve started putting an edging onto the fireplace hearth.. that’ll keep me occupied for now on the creative front until I buy more materials… 🙂 Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend so far… 🙂 Jen. XXX

      > Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2013 16:03:39 +0000 > To: powerofwow@live.co.uk >

  2. thrilling additions to your home! it’s so exciting to see
    enjoy every day Jennifer, Eddie

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