New watercolour painting… “Lady of the dance… ” (c) Arthouse Wijn-Ton 2014…

Below are a few pictures of my latest completed watercolour ” Lady of the dance… ” I finished it initially on the 31st of December.. but have been refining and changing a few things on it since then… I’m quite happy now with it and have really enjoyed creating this latest painting… 🙂
The painting.. amongst other symbolisms.. represents my free spirit.. the ” true me ” and my love of dance and music… 😀
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and new year.. Mine was lovely by the way… 😀
Right best crack on.. have a magical day/eve… 🙂









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5 Responses to New watercolour painting… “Lady of the dance… ” (c) Arthouse Wijn-Ton 2014…

  1. Love the wolf (coyote?)! always wonderful to see more of your amazing work Jenny.
    May I also wish you a most Happy New Year filled with inspiration, happiness and good health!
    with love, Eddie

    • Thank you Eddie.. it’s very much appreciated… 🙂 Yes it was my intention to paint a wolf.. but looking at it again.. yes it does look a bit like a Coyote… All of it was painted from my mind.. so what comes through from the higher forces.. is what ends up there.. I’m just a channel for all of it… 🙂 I wish you the very same for this next year too… 🙂 Big hugs..!

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  2. positivagirl says:

    This is stunning Jen. Looks like it could have came from the 1920s such detail. Did you paint this in water colour?

    Really beautiful. Did it take you a long time to do?

  3. positivagirl says:

    Ugh sorry I just saw the title!! I am on my phone saw photo without the title.

    Am thinking of getting acrylics that I haven’t painted with before. Have you, what are they like as a medium to use?

  4. Thank you PG your lovely comment is very much appreciated… 😀
    I’m not keen on acrylics personally.. they leave no room for movement once dry and I like to layer and move the paint until I’m happy with the result.. both oil and watercolour paint allow me to do this… I know of many that swear by them though.. as you can add textures etc… 🙂
    I didn’t work on this latest one full time… It was done periodically as the mood took me… I tend to do that anyway with more complex pieces of work.. as I get bored easily… 🙂
    I have a few things on the go to cater for my persona.. so I can skip from one creative endeavour to the next depending on what I fancy doing that day… 😀
    Just go with what you feel to do and play with the medium.. you soon pick up how to work any medium this way and I much prefer to experiment.. it’s more fun… 😀 Also it’s amazing what you find you can do when you just take the plunge and trust the higher forces within… 😀
    Have a magical journey with your creativity… 😀
    Big hugs..!
    Jen. xxx

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