Update on creative endeavours… 16/03/2014

I’ve been on a bit of a roll since my last post where possible… I’ve been working on the hallway tree again.. the new look is very much to my liking… What I’ve done so far is so much more in keeping with the living room trees and much richer looking than before… I need more mirrors etc for the top branches and the sides of the trunk.. so will have to go wombling again at some point… Here’s some of pics of my progression so far… 🙂
We were lucky enough to get a warm spell of weather and I took full advantage of it and cracked on in the back garden… Improvisation is my middle name and I wanted to put some sort of form from the side hedges to the little trees and shrubs I’ve already shaped and tied into each other… I have ivy growing in amongst the hedges so wanted a sort of trellis that I can train the ivy over… It pretty much the same thing as I did over where the bench is.. it’ll create a sort of sheltered area once it’s grown in… To make the framework.. I pulled some of the tall privet trees over with a rope and secured them to the other trees and shrubs.. that was fun.. swinging from branches to get the curvature was hard graft.. but you know me.. if I want something there.. I’ll find a way… I then used bamboo canes from the bamboo plants in the gardens to weaves a sort of trellis… It’s amazing what you can do using existing stuff already out there… I’ve also dug out more of the foundation for the planned workshop… I’ve taken pics of my progression here so far… They don’t really do justice though.. I’m still taking them on my old mobile phone.. even daylight drowns out detail.. but I’ll put them on anyway just to give you’s an idea of the way it’s going so far… 🙂 It will all flow with the future workshop.. don’t ask me how.. I just have a finished image in my head.. so I’ll just go with the flow.. like with all other creative endeavours in my life to date… 😉
I’ve researched different styles of natural building techniques for inspiration.. mine will be a lifesize functional 3d model.. rather than a table sized one like the Barcelona model ( pics in metal art and 3d models ) and other similar sized ones I’ve created in the past… 😀
Again I’ll need to go wombling to source materials for it.. but I have a rough idea of what I’m looking for… 🙂 Right pics.. then I’m off to slob.. I’ve got the lurgy.. don’t you just hate the LURGY..! It’s really got a grip of me.. along with the aching from work.. I’m fit for nowt today… I’m a happy bunny though with another constructive month under my belt.. so I’m going to self induge and pamper myself.. a few shots of brandy later on won’t go amiss either.. for medicinal purposes of course… 😉



Have a magical day/eve… 🙂

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2 Responses to Update on creative endeavours… 16/03/2014

  1. amazing work Jen. but why not take advantage of beautiful weather to ‘get the job done’ so to speak; however, in your case it is an on going work of love! (isn’t it?)
    always, Eddie

  2. Hi Eddie… 🙂
    Thank you for your lovely comment yet again.. I really do appreciate all the positive and kind feedback you have given me on all my creative endeavours… 🙂
    It certainly is just that.. no time or price put to it.. a “free ” work amongst todays monetary and time ruled modern slavery system…
    People who visit generally don’t notice the constant new additions to this place now.. until I point out where I’m working… For such a small space there’s plenty going on in here ( and still plenty to do yet ).. that’s me though.. skipping from one inspiration to the next.. that way.. nothing becomes boring or tedious to undertake and it all elaborates and grows as one… 🙂
    Big hugs your way..!

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