My little mate… Sparkles Bright… R.I.P

It was a very dark time of my life.. felt like giving up.. was questioning ” love ” felt so alone… I was looking out the window and there was this little scruffy looking bedraggled cat.. he looked like he’d had an electric shock.. black lips.. a bent ear and a tooth missing… He took one look at me.. his eyes dilated and he did this grin.. minus one fang and that was it.. he decided he was living here… I wasn’t having it at first.. swore I wasn’t having any more cats… I fed him outside.. but he kept sratching at the patio’s and no one had claimed him… It was around this time of year… We got a warm day.. so I left the patio’s open and was playing my guitar and singing ” the magic ” when he came and curled around my feet.. cuddled up and put his head on me purring away.. he totally melted me…
Sparkles Bright I named him.. He shone like the sun.. so full of love.. so gentle.. much more than.. ” just a cat ” to me.. I saw in him a physical manifestation of true love.. unconditional love… He was unlike any other cat I’d ever had or known.. had a wisdom about him… Anyone he interacted with agreed…
The downward slide began in January.. I’ve nursed him.. thought he was getting better finally… He didn’t look too great on Sunday though and went downhill from that point.. he passed over at 7pm last night…
I’ll miss my little mate more any other cat I’ve ever had.. he was like a little bit of magic sent to heal.. but his time here was up.. it’s left such a hole in my heart and it feels so empty in here…
R.I.P my Sparkles Bright.. you’ll be sorely missed by us all……

Sparkles Bright.

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2 Responses to My little mate… Sparkles Bright… R.I.P

  1. R I P Sparkles Bright. memories are made of these; love, Eddie

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