I’d like to introduce ” Adurton Spuddington Barry ” :D

Let me introduce you to the newest member of our mad household ” Adurton Spuddington Barry ” pet name.. ” Spudz ” He joined us last Saturday… 🙂 I was so exited going to pick him up and took Lewis with me so he could help Nany Jen and keep him company in the back seat of the car… 🙂
Aww bet you’re thinking.. ” he’s so cute.. gentle and adorable looking.. he is… when he wants to be :/ I had a feeling in the car when he was protesting very strongly at being in the cat basket.. that he had a similar persona to another cat I had who I adored… Even though he was naughty he was so lovable too.. he was called ” Beano “… I called him this because he was like a jumping bean and used to ambush people etc.. a wild one indeed.. very independent and knew his own mind… He did nothing he didn’t want to do.. a law unto himself… :/ Tragically he got killed on the side road near my house.. it left me distraught at the time and I’ve never forgotten him…
Well ” Spudz ” lived up to the ragdoll traits when he was settling in.. but his confidence had grown considerably and now he thinks he’s the big man.. I have to chuckle.. he’s so funny.. he’s hyper.. just like Beano was.. he’s taken to ambushing all and sundry.. standing at the end of the bed growling and poor Bingo has hid away from him in Stephen’s room.. as he keeps launching himself at her and running wild around the house… I need eyes in the back of my head with him.. always up to mischief he is.. he hates being groomed and fights me.. little sod.. good job I love him hehehe… 😀 I had a feeling when I started looking for a ragdoll kitten and found him.. that he wouldn’t be your A typical cat and I was spot on… He’s great and I’m glad I got him.. I like characters and he’s certainly that..! He’s good at bedtime though and becomes the lovable little ragdoll kitten as seen above.. he totally melts me… 🙂 He’s asleep at the moment.. that’ll be short lived though.. he was trying to swing off my hair when I started this post… I’ve re-nicknamed him ” Phsycospud ” 😉
Right best crack on with my day and try to get something done in between amusing ” Spudz ” with a variety of games.. he get’s bored easily and always wants to try something new… 🙂
Have a magical day/eve
Jen. xxx 🙂

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5 Responses to I’d like to introduce ” Adurton Spuddington Barry ” :D

  1. Lady Jude says:

    He’s lovely isn’t he x

    • He certainly is Jude.. he has the most amazing blue eyes..! I’ve not managed to get a good pic of him with them open yet.. because when he’s awake it’s playtime… 🙂 He’s just having another nap after his last bout of mad dashing about and getting up to mischief… 🙂

  2. Hi Jen, Sounds like you are well entertained these days. Animals can keep you hopping! And enjoy almost every minute! love hearing about the fun. enjoy your week, Eddie

  3. angelatticus says:

    Hi Adurton Spuddington Barry, Spudz, Im Angel Atticus, I am a ragdoll kitten too and you look a bit like me, please subscribe to me 🙂

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