Update on creative endeavours… My thoughts and how it really is…

I’ve had my site on private recently and done very few posts in comparison to former years… This was due to a lot of research and reading up on an array of stuff so I’m more informed and have the knowledge required to take the next step…
I wasn’t planning on coming back for a while.. as I feel the need to focus on my self and my family and for the art to take a back seat to this for a while…
Try as I might to kick start the changes I wanted to bring about.. I feel I was led a merry dance yet again for nothing.. after all.. who am I..? 😉
I’ve never let the cat out of the bag here.. given the full picture of who I am… People see this ” floaty little artist ” living in her fairy glade.. well I’m about to remove that illusion in the near future.. although that is a very important part of my being and has been my very survival on this life journey…
I will one day give the full story.. maybe.. but I feel compelled to start giving my take on life from things like spirituality.. positive thinking.. dealing with past shite in my way and my true circumstances and how people ” view and judge ” people in similar circumstances etc… How is life really for these lost souls..?
No one will help me bring about the changes needed in this system from where I’m standing.. so I’ll do it myself somehow starting with showing the true me and giving insights into how this fucked up system needs urgent change.. especially the vilification of the poor.. the needy.. the abuse victims left with no support etc.. How the so called ” help ” advertised constantly never actually comes through for most… I’ll probably upset a few with my views,. but they’re my take and no one need stay if they don’t like what they see…
I’m sick of keeping my mouth shut.. seeing the suffering all around me and will now be the voice of the unheard and unseen…
I’m still researching and learning.. also working on myself.. so it won’t be for a little while yet… I would also like to link up with others here on wordpress and still need to approach them to ask if I can add their links here etc…
The art and creative endeavours will still feature.. I will also be offering art therapy at the Arthouse Wijn-Ton Art therapy centre and opening the house up in the future two afternoons a week for viewing… Any work sold or commissioned will go towards materials costs etc to set it all up and help it grow… Any donations given at the views of the art therapy etc will also be piled back into the elaboration and growth of this centre… I will take a minimum wage as growth allows in the future all being well…
Any tips on how to fundraise.. plug the idea.. to raise awareness of the site and its purpose.. or any help on any front will be greatly appreciated… I’m going in blind here s to speak… 🙂
I want to help people.. help themselves.. in my way… Will it work..? I don’t know.. but I’m willing to give it a shot.. after all I’ve nothing to lose and if it helps just one person empower themselves.. then good job done… 🙂
Have a magical day/eve…
Jen. xxx

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11 Responses to Update on creative endeavours… My thoughts and how it really is…

  1. Your deep capacity and insight into how to turn pain, into your own little sanctuary and into healing, is very inspiring and very special and I know what you will share with people at art therapy, will really help them.

    You have already helped me, looking through your pictures of all your art, has been something that has sparked that need to have my own healing sanctuary and I truly thank you for this.

    Much love, Lilly ❤ ❤

    • Thank you Lilly.. your kind words deeply touched me… I wish you a wonderous and magical journey in your creativity…. Withinn your own space.. you can be free to fly without worry of what others will think… This will allow you to be at one.. rather than alone… As you channel these emotions out in a positive way.. a sense of inner peace starts to prevail within… 🙂
      Big hugs.. love and healing energy your way… 🙂
      Jen. xxx

  2. Always a curious story with images to boot Jennifer. Thank you very much for this update on your current adventures. enjoy all it is that you do. with love, Eddie

    • Thank you Eddie.. for all the kind words and support you show towards me.. it really is appreciated… 🙂 I’ve had so much running around my head since writing this post.. I don’t know where to start to be honest… 🙂 I’ll just go with the flow as always and see what comes out… 🙂
      Big hugs your way..!

  3. pendantry says:

    I wanted to say something about not hiding your light under a bushel, thinking of your obvious talent, being one that deserves to be made available to others. But then I realised that I didn’t actually know what the ‘light and bushel’ thing actually meant, so I went googling and sure enough, Wikipedia gave me something. Unfortunately its offering gives bible quotes and talks about Jesus having first said one thing and then another so basically par for the course there 🙂

    There’s that old saw: “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good folk to do nothing.” You don’t do that! More can only be better, but as you often say to me: ‘just go with the flow; what will be will be.’ Good advice, you should take it 🙂

  4. angelatticus says:

    That is a brave step, we hope this will lead to many of the things you hope for too, especially speaking out boldly for those who cant speak for themselves and expressing who you are, your art and your freedom to be a human ! We love you and enjoy your blog so look forward to your writing and letting off steam, art works on here..also didnt know there was a privacy setting, how do you use it ? It is a nice thought to be in solitude for a while, have often wanted to delete our blog or at least have it private…but when you feel inspired to speak..speak boldly and speak the truth 🙂 thank you for sharing Jen ❤ Angel & Mum

  5. Thank you Angel for such kind words and show of support.. it really is appreciated… In response to your query.. you go into settings from your admin page and go to ” reader ” on the list and you’ll find it there ( if I remember correctly.. I keep forgetting and have to go through the list again to find the right page… )
    I really hope your beautiful little Angelatticus is on the mend now.. I know how it feels to have your little companion so poorly.. it’s awful and you feel so helpless don’t you… 😦
    Big hugs your way..!
    Jen. xxx

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