Where to begin.. let’s see now… :)

Since writing the last post.. my mind’s been whirring.. there’s so much in there I don’t really know where to start.. so I thought I’d start with sharing this link… https://arthousewijnton.com/2010/12/31/the-journey-part-one/
It’s a poem I wrote back in 2008 titled ” The journey part one ” It skims over my life journey and was a way of releasing stuff without actually giving details or laying blame… 🙂
I feel inside that we are all the product of our own reality .. life path and lessons… Yes I fully agree those lessons can seem harsh and overwhelming at times.. maybe even constant for some.. but somehow we muddle through and are still here to tell the tale… Why are these life lessons presented to us..? What purpose do they serve..? I will give my own theory on this at some point… 🙂
There are two other poems posted around the same time.. that I’d like to reference at some point too.. that relate to the above…
I came to realise.. that my art is and always has been a visual representation of my life journey and experiences… The art and music are the core of my being.. my main tool of survival for as long as I remember… This is the gift I’m happy to share with you… 🙂
Jen1 828
I remember moving into this house on October 23rd 25 yeas ago.. this is a partial image of one of the first paintings I did on the back living room wall… I didn’t like the feeling the image evoked.. it really scared me.. freaked me out to be honest.. mind you everything scared me back then.. but this image really haunted me and didn’t remain there for long… Utter Desolation.. like I felt inside.. my full life painted in 4 hours in emulsion onto wallpaper.. it filled the full back wall of the living room… It’s not a good photo..my photo’s never are really.. anyway it was the only photo left and it seemed a fitting image to use with the poem…
I knew this was the right house and location for me to create my Art house… A challenge in itself.. the house was a shithole.. a non descript box amongst many others.. that was the challenge for me.. I knew I was settling here.. so I could go with the flow.. whilst raising my daughter… ( My son was yet to be born… )
Here I am 25 years down the line.. time’s flown so quickly.. yet it feels like a lifetime ago… I have two grandsons now.. they love coming here.. they see the magic.. a different world to any other… Lewis notices every new creative endeavour and comments on it… We saw a rainbow today… 🙂 Right above our secret garden… 😉 Lewis informed me.. that when dad arrived.. they were going to drive right over that rainbow… 😀 The innocence and magic of a child.. precious indeed… 😀
In my next post.. I’ll give insights into where I was born and raised and some of the things my eyes witnessed.. the things that shaped who I was to become… 🙂
Oh yes I nearly forgot.. the other two links I mentioned earlier.. the first link is a poem titled ” Essence of spirit.. (1) life lessons.. The poem I feel is self explanatory…
Going with the flow...
The second link I’d like to share is a poem titled ” Essence of spirit ” (2) Acceptence.. allowing…
Have a magical day/eve… 🙂
Living room
Jen. xxx

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4 Responses to Where to begin.. let’s see now… :)

  1. Reblogged this on Lilly's Blog and commented:
    I have recently been following this amazing blogger and very inspired by her art. So, now following on my new blog too 🙂

  2. pendantry says:

    That first picture up there is really desolate. I’m not surprised you were scared! But I think you should take heart from your ability to use art to communicate. You say “it’s not a good photo” but I think the blurriness adds to it, rather than subtracting from it, especially in light of it representing a haunting memory.

  3. It really does convey that emotion doesn’t it… So many people really loved that painting too.. calling it ” spectacular ” I was happier once I replaced it though.. it really did haunt me back then.. but I get it now… 🙂
    Thank you for your take on the image Colin.. it’s very much appreciated… 🙂
    Big hugs your way..!
    Jen. xxx

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