Thoughts and some pics too… :)

Previous posts left me with a lot of mind chatter.. random memories popping up etc… I had to step back again.. to balance memories and associated feelings and emotions with creativity and positive things… It feels like I’m a different person now and all that stuff seems a lifetime ago…
I’ve questioned.. “Do I really want to tread those paths of distant memories again..? ” A big part of me doesn’t want to.. but it’s all made me who I am today.. so a bit of conflict going on in those quarters… Today I’ll just share some images with you.. my life at present.. a simple life.. but very fulfilling never the less…
No matter how I feel.. my eyes see the beauty that’s all around me.. that in itself makes me truly grateful for where I am today… Many fare far worse than I could ever even conceive.. I’m very aware of that and know that I was only touched with life lessons in comparison and was lucky enough to be given my gifts to counterbalance the many dark times in my life…
The biggest thing I did learn in order to appreciate what I do have.. is to just look out at that world.. the atrocities.. the horrendous suffering inflicted by humans onto other humans and anything else they can destroy… My little world is like a tiny sliver of heaven in comparison.. how could I not be grateful..?
Anyway.. here’s the pics.. have a magical day… 🙂
Jen. xxx
Nany and Lewis
The final pic is of my latest oil painting.. ” Ekata ” that I have on going at present amongst other stuff… 🙂 The word.. ” Ekata” is a Himalayan ( if I remember correctly ) word.. meaning ” unity ” …
I’m a bit further on than in the above pic and will post a progression pic on my next post… 🙂
Right on that note.. I’m off to do a bit more on my painting… 🙂
Jen. xxx

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3 Responses to Thoughts and some pics too… :)

  1. What a very beautiful homestead you have designed and live in all around you. You are so very fortunate in so many ways. Beauty abounds, with love, Eddie

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