” Nowhere to reside. ” New song. (C) Arthouse Wijn-Ton 2015. :)

Jen. xxx

About Arthouse Wijn-Ton.

Creative being @ Arthouse Wijn-Ton..
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2 Responses to ” Nowhere to reside. ” New song. (C) Arthouse Wijn-Ton 2015. :)

  1. hrhdaf says:

    Hey sparkly lady! It’s good to know you’re still about doing your artistic thang 🙂 Just read through a few of your back blogs. If doing what you do makes people think you’re mad I really wouldn’t worry about it. I’d rather be your sort of crackers than boring any day!

    Really pleased you enjoyed the story. I have so much fun writing them. Oh and what are you doing with your garden, cos from that picture it kinda looked like you’ve got rid of some stuff.

    Enjoyed your song as always, you have a lovely voice!
    Hugs Daf xxx

    • Hi Daf,Good to hear from you and thank you for the lovely comment, it’s very much appreciated. Yep I’m still here, just about. It’s great to see you posting on here again, not many do now, like they did at MSN spaces. Like yourself I miss that vibe we all had going there. 😐 Re; the garden, yes I’ve removed a fair bit so far, if you give me your mail address, I’ll elaborate on that one. Mine’s, wijnton2012@gmail.com 😉Keep up the story writing, it’s good to see you getting creative and enjoying it so much. 😊Big hugs your way!Jen. XXX

      Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2015 13:32:53 +0000
      To: powerofwow@live.co.uk

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