My apologies for not managing to  write a post before Christmas and a belated Christmas wish to you. Christmas was especially lovely this year, my lad cooked dinner for the family and a good time was had by all. 😊

My heart and thoughts go to folk that have it tough this time of year, people who have lost loved ones, people who don’t have homes etc, my  love and prayers  for all these poor souls. Makes me feel extremely blessed and lucky, that happiness prevailed here…

I was hoping to get some pics of the back garden etc, but I couldn’t get finished, what I wanted to finish out there, the weather being the way it is. I still have a fair way to go out there, but like to finish certain jobs before I take updated pics.

Now I have my glasses etc, I can feel my mind veering towards the drawing and painting again. It’s been a while since I did any, I still have my “Ekata” painting to finish and I want to do another drawing towards my future colouring book. I feel a seascape or landscape painting is long overdue too. Once the new year is out of the way, I plan to get stuck in, all being well.


I hope you have a wonderful new year, may next year bring more love, joy and prosperity for all of us.

Jen. XXX ☺️



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