Life, thoughts and creative endeavours

Firstly, my apologies for again getting wrapped up in life events and creativity and neglecting to update here sooner. I found out that a long standing friend and fellow artist, passed away at home on his own, it knocked me for sure. I’d known him for around three decades and we went to many art events, previews etc in those years, a true gentleman and a character, he’ll be missed by us. This cover version below, is a song that he liked, so I taught myself the lyrics and chords yesterday and uploaded it this morning. I also had a couple of other people I care about in mind too, who like the song.


After my last post, I got the dreaded lurgy, that malingered for a while, two weeks roughly. Since then, when able, I’ve been catching up on domestics, doing a spring clear out, decorating the front bedroom and a bit more of drawing no 5 for the colouring book. I’ve not finished either yet, but here’s a couple of pics below, the ceiling is done in oil paint, I’ve yet to finish the walls etc.


Well spring is finally here and that means the gardens are coming to life. I’ve done a bit of planting up etc already. I plan to get stuck in to my den again. Between all the rain and recovering from that lurgy, I’ve not done much at all on it. Sure I’ll be on a roll again out there soon though. 🙂


I have been in hide mode since my last post really, my apologies to friends who haven’t heard from me. When things trouble me, or I feel under the weather, I tend to hide away and wrap myself up in the comfort of my creativity, that’s how I deal with stuff and life can get a bit overwhelming at times can’t it. 🙂 I feel blessed that I have this release, the gifts given to me, the life I still have. Colin would want me to utilise every moment I’m able in my creative endeavours. There was a lot, I know he wanted to try, but never got around to it, now it’s too late for him….

Right on that note, I’m off to do a bit more on my drawing. One final pic, of two of my bestest mates who bring a smile to my face daily, this pic is so typical of them, brotherly love at its finest. 😍



How cute are they! They melt me, bless. 🙂.

Right my drawing awaits!

Have a beautiful day. 🙂

Jen. XXX. 🎨


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1 Response to Life, thoughts and creative endeavours

  1. Lady Jude says:

    Sad to read of the passing of your friend Jennifer.. Love looking at your creativity and listening to your song it was really soft and sweet on the ears..Jude

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