Update on creative endeavours.😁


When I had the brain hemorrhage, I never gave it a thought when I finally got on the ward, and sent for some of my art stuff. It was only after I had been working on my painting that it sort of dawned on me that maybe I won’t be able to draw the same as before…. The painting/ drawing was very free and loose. That was it, drawing no 5 came out and much to my relief the drawing skills were still there, but weirdly, better and much easier than for as long as I can remember…. I did a bit, but my head was still sore, I also had a card to make and a painting to do.

I finished the drawing on the 28th September after a good resting period at home. 😁 I don’t have a title for this one, as I don’t for no 1 and 2.



Later that day, I started drawing no 6. 😁 I decided to do a sea dragon and did a fair bit of it before calling it a day.

On the 2nd of October I decided to do some more of the drawing, which I’ve worked on since, adding a merman and finishing it today. 😁.

The drawing is titled, ” ‘Erman the merman. ”



I really enjoyed doing this one, there was a also a new appreciation within. Not only are all my skills intact, the drawing seems a doddle in comparison to before I had the brain hemorrhage… Also no headache only the pre existing sore head from 2 ops. With which there are good days and days where I still have to rest up.

I might have another go of my guitar, but first some food methinks.

Have a beautiful day! 😁

Jen. XXX.



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