Update on creative endeavours etc. 🙂

With the lead up to crimbo, there hasn’t been an awful lot of time for creative endeavours, I have nearly finished drawing no eight for my colouring book. The dreaded lurgy has put that one on hold for a while though. 🤔 Runny noses and drawing isn’t advisable methinks. Hopefully it will have gone by the time my appointment for the hospital is due, that’s on the 19th of this month. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone, that appointment seemed ages away. It’ll be reassuring to know where I stand. I try not to think about it to much to be honest, scared the shit out of me, what could have happened. Then in the back of your mind is the niggle, will the aneurysms carry on growing? What about the other four that aren’t coiled? The only reassurance I do have, is that I’ve had no severe headaches since, which is unheard of in my life. I should be grateful and am for my recovery, I never thought I’d see the day where that would happen…. But there’s this anger too at the waste that has been my life…. Never able to earn a living, buy my house, take my children on holiday, I could go on but what’s the point?

This is now and I’m lucky enough to have a second chance and I plan to grab it with both hands, difficult though that may be sometimes. I still have my gifts which are priceless to me. They have kept me going through some very dark times. I have to relearn some of my songs, but I can still play my songs quite moderately on the guitar, so will get there. I’m glad I did the recordings on u tube, albeit not great sounding, some of my tunes I forgot are there 🤗


I thought I’d put a pic of each of my three cats on here. They’re my greatest companions and have rarely left my side from returning home from the hospital. 🤗 I love them dearly. 😍 First pic is Spudz ( Spuddington Barry. ) He’s very demanding, naughty and funny as fook! Next pic is Nellie ( Nellie Olsen from little house on the prairie. She’s a spoilt moody cow just like her, makes me chuckle though. ) Last but not least it Beanz ( Sparkly Beanz (being ). He is so sweet and loving, just his presence adds sparkle to my life. 🤗





With crimbo fast approaching I’ve been readying the house for the festive season. 🙂 I’ve had a TV put up in the living room too, as my system does kareoki and I thought it’d be added fun in the festive season. I want this crimbo to be the best yet, seems I’m here on Brucie bonus points. 🙂



Right on that note ( excuse the pun… ) I’m going to put some lively tunes on and crack on with my day. Here’s hoping you have a wonderful magical day!

Jen. XXX.

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4 Responses to Update on creative endeavours etc. 🙂

  1. Lady Jude says:

    Hope your health continues to improve for you, Jen. The art picture looks brilliant you’re so talented on that front.. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year xoxo

    • I’ve just found out I have to go back in for another operation, the coiling of another aneurysm. Found out the other day.🤔They’ll do tests after the new year and if I’m fit enough, book me in, I’M a bit gutted and have obvious concerns, but me being me, I’ll try to keep my focus on more positive things. Thanks for caring. 🙂 Hope you also have a magical crimbo and new year. 🙂 Xxx.

  2. Judith Blance says:

    Not the best of news for you Jen, I’ll keep you in my prayers. Jude

  3. Suppose it is what it is, at least they’re willing to do something about it, in that sense I’m lucky. Once this one is sorted I’ll hopefully come through the it ok and be about for a long time to come. 🙂 I hope you had a lovely crimbo and thank you for caring it’s very much appreciated. 🙂

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