Firstly my apologies for not being around over the festive season etc. Life takes over sometimes. It was lovely to catch up with family etc. My follow up appointment at the hospital was last month, on the 19th, the neurologist gave the ok for me to drive again from that point onwards. 🙂 I was shown the scans after the bleed, which was fascinating, to see inside your own head is something else! Anyway upshot is, I’ve got pre op tests the beginning of March and if I’m fit enough, will be booked in for another coil to be put in. This aneurysm is on the right side…. I must admit, it’s floored me, every part of my being doesn’t want to go back in there, but… Anyway I’ve not been creative since finishing the last drawing. I have been doing other constructive stuff though, also relaxing a lot more than is usual for me , but I want to be at optimum for this op, the second op has already taken it out of me. I know I push though pain and stuff to do my thing, but it’s been more difficult this time to achieve anything on a physical level, like walking and other manual stuff.

Anyway enough of all that, today I shall give myself a kick up the arse! What CAN I do? Mmm lots as it happens, I just need to get started. I’ve remembered I have an energy drink in the fridge, a super smoothy, that should get me started. Right, got that, now for some tunes, TV off, music on. 🙂 Bit of “bliss ” “afterlife ” that’ll do nicely. 😀 Yeh man… Right I’ve had my little drawing table and easel set up in the living room since the other day, think it’s time I started drawing no 9 ( thought it was ten when I was speaking to a friend, no hope is there… 🤔 ) I think Herman the merman needs a wife hehe. 😉

My hair’s growing back, but I could lose some again with the next op, great stuff eh. 😎😐 I’ll look different I suppose, very arty, various lengths hehe. 😀 Fook it I’m alive and apart from a sore head sometimes, almost headache free. 😀

My mind’s being doing overtime in regards to my den. I so want to see it finished. I have done bits and bobs out the back, but nothing too heavy. Once this ops out of the way and a bit of recovery time taken, all being well, I’m back on it big style!

Right best sort my shit out and get cracking on that drawing, won’t do itself will it. 🙂

Have a beautiful magical day!

Jen. 🙂 XXX.


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  1. wayne says:

    TOP ONE JEN keep up the creative endeavours Love Wayne x

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