I was trying to think of a term of how I’m feeling right now…. I have my appointment at the hospital on Wednesday, for pre op assessment as well as a follow up appointment. I’ve also just had the blood test recently for Elhers Danlos, due to the multiple anourisms found when I had the hemorrhage… Recently I’ve been going dizzy when bending over, also in my sleep, it’s woken me up. I spoke to the specialist nurse, apparently it can be normal after the coilings I had…. It’s like Wtf… What happened? I feel like my life has been dragged through a wringer…. For the first time I can feel my eyes wetting up. Can’t really let anyone see though, I’m supposed to be the strong one…. Certainly don’t feel that way the moment….. Shitting myself to be honest… I keep telling myself, ” get creative, you know it helps…. ” I got some Indian stone last week, broken flags, Offerton sand and gravel did me a deal and I when I got home I sat and chopped it all up ready to do the driveway. I was in my element, sat with my lump hammer and chisel, I felt like ” me “again…..


As I’ve been writing this, a message came up, it was from a lovely woman who helps the fox man. I’ve offered to do a painting for their fundraising site, they’ve been helping me here, as there is a fox with four cubs coming into the back garden, she asked me can she call today with some images for the painting….. The foxes are beautiful and funny too, I watch them from the window. Last night though I was actually in the back garden when they came in, now I’m smiling at the thought of their antics. I’ll take what’s just happened,” the timely message ” as a sign, that it’s all going to be ok, here’s hoping anyway…. Meanwhile, I have a painting to do and shall take the greatest pleasure in doing so.

I will appreciate every aspect of my life, more so now than ever before. None of us know when things can change, each day really is a blessing, I’ve never realised it at much as I do right at this moment….


Have a beautiful day/eve Jen. XXX

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7 Responses to Gulp….🤔

  1. hrhdaf says:

    Hey Sparkles! Long time no comment! God it sounds like you’re really going through it at the moment (and yet still managing to be more productive than me 😉 I would imagine it’s hard to find a word for how you’re feeling cos you’re feeling a mix of many things and need a few. Bless the foxes for bringing you some peace while you’re going through the wringer. They sound lovely! Hope you’ll be posting photos of whatever you choose to paint because I’d love to see.
    Sending hugs over the ether, Daf x

  2. Hi Daf great to hear from you, how you doing? It’s been a while hasn’t it. 🙂 Yeh it’s been a bit of a ride since the hemorrhage, this hopefully is the final operation coming up though, I’ve already had two and still here with all my faculties, a lot luck than most on on the ward, it’s been 9 months already, since it happened. The one their coiling this time is on the right hand side, so probably lose my hair that side too, at least it’ll match hahaha.😁 Hoping to start the fox painting soon and will defo post progression pics of it. 🙂 How’s the writing coming along for you? Big hugs right back to you! Jen. XXX

    • hrhdaf says:

      Yeah Im still writing. I’m currently close to finishing something a bit longer than my usual short stories. Although today it’s gloriously sunny so I think it’s more of a day to get outside and do some gardening. I’d love to catch up for a coffee sometime! Or maybe a pint of something stronger if you’re still allowed. 😉
      Hope you’re having a good day and not too dizzy.
      Hugs Daf xxx

  3. I’ve been outside myself, doing bits and bobs around both gardens. Just put the food out for the foxes, it’s been lovely out there today hasn’t it. I’ve not had a drink for ages, but yeh hopefully I’ll be able to partake off a wee dram, don’t mind that kind of dizzy hehehe 😋 Give us a shout when you’re next in Manchester. 🙂 Hope you’ve had a good day too. 🙂 big hugs your way! XXX

  4. SOS forgot to add that’s it’s brill to hear you’re still writing, I’d love to have a read when you finish your latest story. Right brew and CBD hemp flower smoke for me. I’ve not smoked baccy since last August, the CBD actually helps and I can still smoke, great stuff and it’s actually good for me, a win win for me☺️. XXX

  5. The fox usually makes her den somewhere very peaceful so as not to be disturbed!
    What good fortune! Peace be yours too my dear friend.

  6. Thank you Eddie your kind thought is very much appreciated. ☺️ I feel very blessed that the foxes chose to be here. 😊 Have a beautiful day! Jen. XXX

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