Hospital visit etc…. 🙂

Looks like my operation is happening in September, the neurologist delayed it for me until then, so I could sort stuff out here. I have the summer months now much to my delight, I can hopefully get a lot done in that time, ( health permitting ) 🙂 I have the images for the fox painting now and plan to pick up a canvas on Monday from town for it. The images are of foxes hand reared by the fox man and his helpers. 😀 Talking about foxes, when I came downstairs last night, there was a cub looking in the window, bless. 😀 He ran off when he saw me, but it’s best they’re not tamed in any way,” you can’t take the wild out of wildlife ” as quoted by Carol, who helps rear the foxes. 🙂 My neighbour has been great about them too, considering the sett is in his garden! 😀 Pic below.

img_20190608_103224They seem to like playing in my garden though, suppose it’s like an adventure playground to them though the way it’s set out. 😀


I also have a bird feeding station out there and have done for a while, consisting of my old hanging planters and bird feeders for the smaller birds, as they’d never get a look in with the bigger birds and resident squirrels and the amount they eat! The amount of birds now in here is astounding, there’s also lots of fledglings ATM too. I plan to purchase a field camera in the future, so I can capture all the wildlife and their antics. I need to replace this device first, it doesn’t cut the mustard in any area, I can’t even capture a bird on it, even though they are constantly flying in!

img_20190608_104434It’d be brill to finally capture what I see every day, it’s like a Disney set out there. 😀 The important thing is they’re all well fed though. 😀

Right best get cracking on with my day, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing yet though.

Have a magical day/eve,

Jen. 🙂 XXX

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4 Responses to Hospital visit etc…. 🙂

  1. Lady Jude says:

    Look after yourself Jennifer, the garden looks as lovely as ever x

  2. Thank you Jude for your kind comments, it’s very much appreciated. ☺️. The floors could do with a scrub though, I need to sort it out at some point. I’m sat here thinking I should do something, but finding it difficult to motivate myself ATM. Mind you I will be picking up a canvas tomorrow, that should give me the kick start I need, as I won’t let the fox people down. Hope you’re ok and life is treating you well. Big hugs your way!
    Jen. XXX

  3. Top one Jen never a dull moment

  4. Great to hear from you Wayne, hope you’re feeling better now, I’ll be up to visit you and the gang soon. Big hugs your way! Jen. XXX

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