What a sunshiny day!😀

img_20190627_114131img_20190627_114031img_20190627_114048Finally we have a bit of sunshine after all the recent rain. 😀 To be honest I’ve hardly done anything on the creative front, flat as a fooking pancake with all this hospital shite etc…. I just keep sodding off in the car, much to mam’s delight, as she’s usually with me. We’ve been catching up with family members not seen in a while and just going for drives out. I love the freedom the car brings, I call it the time machine, you can get so far in such a short space of time. 😀❤️💨

I have started the fox painting, one finished so far, but still a way to go with it. The four cubs still come in the back garden and as babies do, they trash the place, but I melt when I see them, so it’s basically ended up a playpen for them out there. They chill on the back end of the temporary roof and sometimes come down, tormenting Spudz, he’s not impressed, let me tell you! He tends to go in the front garden away from them when the door’s open.


I suppose creativity has ebbs and flows and I’ll soon be one or again, especially if this nice weather stays for a while, I have the stone cut and ready to go into the driveway after all. 😀


Right on that note I’m off to chill in the sun, maybe have a go of the guitar too. Have a magical day/eve.

Jen. XXX 😀





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