Living the magic…

I live to ” Be ” To be is to follow your dreams and desires.. mine mainly being creativity… I know nothing else.. my creativity was the balance to life’s hurdles and lessons… I “soar like the bird” when I create.. I call it “The magic ” Because indeed it’s a magical place to be… My creative endeavours don’t have ” Time ” or restriction put on them… My arthouse grows.. becomes more magical with each creative endeavour undertaken… Some of my inspirations take years of work to exist.. The bigger the “challenge” The bigger the buzz for me… 😀

Only kidding…

7 Responses to Living the magic…

  1. pendantry says:

    ‘Living to be’… definitely food for thought 🙂

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  3. Will echo pendatry’s comment and just add a ‘thank you’ for choosing to follow Learning from Dogs. Paul

  4. I never dreamed you wore anything but shorts or geans! I’ve just seen a curious side of you Jen

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