I was inspired to landscape my gardens after attending the Tatton park R.H.S. show… I’d never really had much knowledge about gardening full stop at the time.. barring maintaining the existing gardens…
My dad is a master craftsman builder and I’d watched him frequently as a child on various projects around the house and knew he’d also undertaken groundwork and landscaping…
I asked him what processes were used etc and started to scout for materials to use in the gardens… I already had granite pieces I’d been given.. I started with this in the front garden…
I’ve undertaken every aspect of putting the floors in.. from digging the foundations.. putting the M.O.T. in etc.. to laying the various materials I’ve collected.. bought and been given… 🙂
Wayne.. my fellow artist soul brother.. made the gates.. railings.. three metal sculptures.. ” Shakti ” ” Shiva ” and ” Dragons nest “… He also made various furnishings.. to flow in with the theme…
I created and installed two metal sculptures.. the ” Spirit dragon “and ” Phoenix landing ” .. me being me and always wanting to have a go at new mediums… 🙂
The gardens are still in progresson and become mmore elaborate as time goes by… 🙂 ” Shiva ” was installed just last week 7/3/2012.. in a newly cleared area of the back garden… Measuring a good 6 foot in height and around 3 foot in width.. he’s a pretty impressive sight when the back door is opened up.. especially after a revamp with varnish… 🙂 I’m now in the process of laying the floor around him and have raised him onto a plynth which I’ll build around.. embeding the metal plate in he’s sat on… 🙂 Pictures will follow on completion of the area… 🙂
Out of all my creative endeavours.. I enjoy the landscaping most… It’s heavy work but I thrive when I’m doing it and buzz from the results… ( I shifted a ton of M.O.T and 12 bags of sand and cement from the roadside to the back gaden just the other day.. in readyness for new sections of floors going in… ) My neighbours chuckle when they see me working.. as I’m only five foot one and seven and half stone in weight… Navvy is my middle name.. hehehe… 🙂

6 Responses to Gardens…

  1. thrilling visuals; beautiful, unique, and incredible work Jennifer

  2. I like this post, enjoyed this one thankyou for putting up.

  3. Wow, you are so talented and creative! These gardens are just beautiful!

    • Thank you Lilly your kind words are really appreciated… 🙂 I hope you felt inspired after looking and the visuals gave you some ideas for your faerie garden… If you want any tips.. just give me a shout and I’ll be happy to help in any way I can… Have a magical day.. big hugs your way..! 🙂

  4. zaborilenta says:

    Enjoyed looking at this, very good stuff, regards.

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