Pencil Drawing…

I rarely do pencil drawings these days.. the intensity of the work involved causes headaches and is too time consuming for the results yielded… As you’re probably aware now.. I do everything freehand … Below is an example of past work… I used an A1 sized graphic smooth paper to achieve a precise clear drawing… Take into account that the pics were taken through glass.. so the true clarity can’t be seen here…

” Supertramp.. Unfinished Symphony… ”

A friend had mentioned doing a representational picture of the group.. ” Supertramp ” a few years back… She loved them and pondered what I would come up with… I had a few albums of theirs back then and a program from a gig… My main medium was pencil drawing at that time.. so I decided to use that medium for the challenge…
Me being me.. I incorporated many images and words relevant to both them and also to my earlier lifepath back then… Things were left unfinished.. reflecting life experiences at that time… I’ve worked in many mediums since I did this drawing.. 2D and 3D… I still find pencil drawing the most challenging medium of them all.. to get the preciseness and complexity I aim for freehand… 🙂 One day.. given the right circumstance.. I’d like to embark on another drawing like this one… 😉

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